Coconut Grove Arts Festival


Among the most ancient of the United States, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a manifestation dedicated to the art where you can admired and buy the creations of emergent and famous artists from all over the world.

Born in beginning of the 60s, when the Coconut Grove was still a small festival destined to cheer the days of the few people there, today it has become one of the most attended and appreciated appointments, in Florida.
The original festival has changed to become a benchmark for all the food, art and music lovers. It takes place on the same weekend, that is the President's Day, every year - this year it will take place between the 17th and the 19th February - so it is very easy to plan the participation in advance, and to re-unite a beautiful group of friends, to enjoy every single moment of the festival at its best.

The art
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a shocking artistic container, appreciated for the great variety of exposed works and for the contemporary presence of more than 350 pieces, by artists from every part of the world. A relaxing and stimulant atmosphere receives them, perfect for who loves to create works in front of the eyes of tourists and onlookers. All those interested in observing the artists during their performances can enjoy the show offered by the hundreds of painters and present artists.
But this festival is a paradise also for those who love shopping and want to buy art works to be exposed in their house, or to embellish the own private collection. Many of the artists are concentrated on the characteristics of the region, on the city of Miami, and on the local panoramas, while others carry with themselves just their style and develop their loved themes. And it is just for this reason that it is possible to find everything there, and to get involved by the most varied styles and the artistic traditions.
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a perfect place to discover interesting innovations of the artistic field, and to amuse themselves with the wonders in this splendid exhibition at the open air, with no doubts.

The food
The food you can taste in this place is an authentic mix of different styles and cultures. Despite there originally were just a few stands were usually serving hot-dogs, roasted cobs and hamburgers, today the Coconut Grove Arts Festival has become a true food experience.
Each stand proposes something new and irresistible. Cooking shows and the guided tastings are plentiful and all the served food is prepared by stars chefs and artists of the international cuisine. Today, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is famous in order to be a true cooking Mecca, and it can boast the presence of many of the most famous chefs in Miami. An appointment you can't miss!

Music and shows in program
One of the stages of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is Peacock Park, situated on the seafront of the residential Coconut Grove distric. During the three days of the festival, this place becomes the pumping heart of the event, and many artists and onlookers invade it.
The musical program is full full of interesting proposals and also the next edition will offer an international touch, with Latin groups, jazz musicians and artists who love to experiment, mixing rap, funk, rock 'n roll and many other kinds of music. Among the headliner of the 2018 edition, there are The London Souls, Nth Power and Locos Por Juana.
Obviously, they are just the groups that will be on the main theater stage, while in others location will host other live shows, choreographies and theatre shows of any kind.

The exhibition
Among the appointments of the art, food and music world the renamed exhibition Saint Stephen's Art Show will take place once again. This "show in the show" - as the the organizers of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival named it - is one of the top appointments of the event, characterized by the work of more than 150 artists, doing the most varied professions.
Also this year, an entire area will be dedicated to the activities for children, beyond an international food court.
Everything is carried out surrounded by the wonderful secular trees of McFarlane Road, ideal place to have a break from the emotions of the festival, and the crowd it attracts.

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Charles Marshall - TampaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is one of the best ones in all the United States. I attend it every year since 1978, and every single edition astonished and touched me. In the last years, I have bought many works of art and I have had the fortune to meet numerous artists and art lovers. The artistic vitality and the enthusiasm shown by the workers are rare elements to be found!

Jerry Shapiro - West Palm BeachStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2017

the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is one of the most interesting appointments of the year, among those in Miami, and all southern Florida. The artists are exceptional and the art dealers apply popular prices. More than the many emergent artists who wish to advertise themselves and to introduce their own works, also many famous professionals take part to the festival, attracted by the beautiful atmosphere you can breathe there. The area dedicated to the children and the families is cared and pleasant and it makes you resting between an event and the other. Those are the reasons why this is one of my favourite weekends of the year!

Vanessa Lima - HavanaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
september 2017

I know this festival from the moment I moved to Miami. People from every part of Florida come there, the stands propose infinity of different foods from the varied cultures, and the art exhibitions are rich and exciting. I met some exhibitors and their enthusiasm made an art lover. On my house walls I have many works acquired there.

Anthony Imparato - Fort LauderdaleStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
june 2017

The atmosphere, the rich program and the location are the strong points of this festival. Thousands of people fill in the roads of the district every year, to observe the exhibitions of the artists and the shows of the chefs from every part of Florida and more. Also music has a protagonist role and the proposals for the young people and the families do not lack. It is an event that pleases everybody and it proposes a wide choice of cultural art, food, pastimes, events, etc. Last year I had the opportunity to appreciate the Indian food and of I got surprised by it.

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