Do you want to do shopping?


Do you want to do shopping? Go to the Miami Design District, you will find whatever you need among elegant shops, contemporary art and trendy clubs!

Culture and entertainment, artistic attractions and amusement: travelling means also feel new sensations, testing yourself to discover aspects of your character you didn't know. Miami could be the right place for travelers looking for a place reach in inputs, able to involve different people.
The famous Design District is one of the most peculiar and interesting districts, new developing area of the city. What can you find in the Design District of Miami? This district - born in the Twenties of the 20th century - shows it original aspect, still nowadays: an urban space dedicated to furniture exhibitions, together with many international branded shops.
Walking around the elegant streets of the district, you will not be able to resist in front of the beauty and the luxury of the galleries and the buildings. In addition to shopping, it offers any kind of attractions.

You can have a walk around the luxurious shops
The Design District is an amusement park for design and great international brands. Moreover, the aim of the district was to give space to the big exposition dedicated to interior design, by the way qualification of some old industrial establishments. The result? It is what you can still see: a developing dimension and a melting pot of international artistic and cultural inputs.
The presence of many luxurious brands shops - Prada, Hermès, Cartier, and so on - made it the top destination for glamour lovers and curious people. Some boutiques have become very big: Harry Winston, for example, takes place on more than 7000 square metres, offering a great exposition of jewel and precious stones, from all over the world.

Not only fashion at the Design District in Miami
The Design District is much more than a simple commercial centre. Among the shining lights and the crowded streets, there are also art galleries and wonderful murals. The district - celebration of modernity and urbanization - was created by Craig Robbins to collect all the most innovative artistic and cultural trends. That's why the symbol of the district is a bizarre and futuristic art work: it is the "Fly's Eye Dome" by Buckminster Fuller, a dome inspired to the eye of a fly.
But it is not enough, because visiting the district you will be able to see some of the most interesting contemporary art galleries of the United States. For example, there is there Galleria Markowicz Fine Art, where there are a lot of emergent artists’ works, become famous as a starting point.

Other activities in the Design District
After a long day spent doing shopping and visiting cultural attraction, the Design District in Miami also offers the possibility of having a break in one of the numerous clubs of the area. A suggestion? The Genuine Michael’s Food & Drink, restaurant that made freshness and quality of the ingredients the focus of its policy.
In a modern and elegant atmosphere, the customers can taste snacks, any kind of dishes and peculiar aperitifs.
The proposals are not finished and the yoga lovers will be happy to visit the district on every first Wednesday of the month. In this occasion, YogArt takes place - a night yoga session, in the heart of the districts: a great occasion to take care of your health and make new friends.

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Paolo - Trapani StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
july 2017

I visited Miami during my honeymoon, and I got astonished by the Design District. They told me about it as a luxurious commercial centre, but it is a district dedicated to art and design. I suggest it especially to exposition lovers, because there are many of them where you can also buy something. The Moore Building is very beautiful too, with its contemporary art works.

Serena - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
june 2017

Visiting the whole city is very difficult, because it offers a lot of things to do, but I said just too busy the Design District, especially if you love shopping and art. I have made luxurious purchases in many foreign cities, but I have to admit the shops in this district are absolutely better: enormous and with a great offer. If you can, I suggest you to spend some hours there. If you are together with somebody that loves shopping less than you, you have to know the district office also other things. Every corner is characterized by very interesting artworks and murals.

Marilena - Santa Margherita LigureStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
june 2017

I casually discovered this district, but if I should go back to Miami I would visit it again. I suggest you to spend there at least half a day, because there are interesting things to see everywhere. You can also dream around the luxurious windows and eat something there. Dedicated to modern and peculiar design, and art lovers.

Sergio - Bologna StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
april 2017

I live in Bologna, so I am accustomed to exciting cultural cities, but I have to say Miami is even much better. The District Design has astonished me, especially because it hosts shops, art, architecture, and friendly events in just one place. If you like contemporary art, it is the perfect place to visit galleries or spend some time in the Central Square: walking around, you will be able to admire the numerous murals and works of art at the open-air decorating the District.


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