Everglades National Park by air-boat


A unique experience, immersed in the wild nature, among trees and wild animals, just a few steps from Miami.

Florida is a wonderful place rich in one-of-a-kind natural beauties and surprises. One of them surely is the Everglades National Park, an oasis characterized by an uncontaminated nature of 6000 square kilometres, elected Unesco heritage; it will make you meet great animal and vegetable species.
The best period to visit the park is from October to April, the so-called Dry Season, when it never rains and it is easy to plan a tour.

Everglades Tour
There are many different ways to visit the Everglades National Park: by car, by feet, by canoe, by kayak, but the best way surely is the adventurous and fascinating by air-boat; it is a boat with a flat bottom, with an engine screw, commonly used for sustainable tourism: it silently and slowly slides on the water, in order to not disturb even at short distances, having a better point of view. If you don't speak English very well, you can get advantage of a bilingual guide that will explain you everything you will find on your way. There are many different available tours - direction, course and price - and you will be able to choose the one you prefer according to your availability, to what you want to visit and to your budget.
You can therefore opt for:
- standard tour lasting 30 minutes - you can maybe match it with a visit by feet - $20 for adults and $10 for children;
- Night tour lasting 60 minutes, discovering the mysteries of the park, lighted by the moonlight, $40 per person - $20 for the children;
- the four hours tour, to discover Miami's beaches and the Everglades Park; about $75 or $80 per person;
- the Everglades tour and the Biscayne Bay cruise, lasting 6 hours, departing from Miami, prices starting from $80 per person;
- the air-boat tour, during which you can even swim with the sea cows, the water mammals very similar to the walruses but without fangs, that can be even 3 metres long. The tour from Orlando lasts about 12 hours, for about $125;
- tour by air-boat together with the Kennedy Space Center tour, departing from Orlando, about 11 hours, for about $125;
- air-boat tour, 4 hours in the alligators’ habitat, departing from Orlando, for $50.

You can also book a private tour, booking the boat for one hour, for your group or your family: it will obviously be more expensive, from about $250 for 4 people to $500 for a bigger number of people. You can find all the info on https://www.evergladestours.com/

Any choice you make, it will be a touching an unforgettable experience, you will never forget. Bring a camera with you, choose a comfortable outfit according the tropical climate, and bring something against mosquitoes - so many there - with you, to live a great experience.

Flora and fauna in the Everglades
What will you see in the Everglades?
The most famous plant in this wet area surely is the Cladium mariscus Pohl, that creates enormous surfaces on the wet earth. The park hosts many vegetable species, especially water plants such as the Papyrus and the mangrove. The most suggestive landscapes are the hammocks, little calcareous islands, 3 metres over the water level, covered by wide tropical vegetation.

The animal that can be considered the symbol of the park is the alligator, a reptile that have crossed the geological ages from prehistoric times till nowadays, without changing, together with the caiman and the crocodile, its cousins. The alligator is not the only one reptile living in the park: there are also turtles and many different species of snakes.
The Everglades are the habitat of the rare Florida Panther, a specie of puma - it is actually very similar to it, according to the colours, but very different according to dimensions, smaller - and some black bears. There are there mammals in the area, such as the white tale deer, the red lynks, the raccoon, the leporidae, the opossum and the armadillo.
As you can imagine this wet land is populated by many birds, also water birds, such as Caribbean flamingos, herons, American storks, eagles, falcons and the snail kite, mollusk lover. Water mammals live in the area, too: you can often meet dolphins, sea cows, and otters there.

5 Reviews StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle

Tiziana F. - Aosta StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2018

It was a fascinating experience, with wonderful landscapes and a very good guide. I will never forget the emotion when we met the alligators and the sea cows: if you go there, don't miss it!

David L. - Cosenza StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
august 2017

The air-boat it is perfect to delicately join this world, sliding on the water as if we were part of this wonderful ecosystem. The guides are indeed available and able to tell the Everglades with passion and feeling, as if it was their creature. I have matched the visit by boat with the one by feet, going on through the various points in the area, according to what the workers in the park suggested me - very available and prepared, I should say. A magic, unique and Unforgettable place.

Elena B. - Castelfranco Veneto StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2016

I don't love the nature, it's better to say that I prefer the city (my favourite place is New York, just make an example) but as my friends brought me to visit this place, I decided to accept, even if I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning. And I must say it is really worth of a visit. I don't know if there is another similar park all over the world, I have never visited a similar one, but it is something makes you enchanted by its landscapes that are so incredible to make you feel so small in front of Mother Nature. I had to overcome the fear I had of insects and animals in general, but the guides can help you choosing the best tours, giving you the necessary suggestions for a pleasant and safe visit. And if I liked it, it means that if you like nature, you can't absolutely miss it.

Silvia F. - Bologna StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
october 2016

I swam with the sea cows... what can I say? What a wonderful creature! A great emotion, one-of-a-kind experience, touching in the deepest part of your heart. It is a contact with nature that takes your breath away.

Roberto C. - Bastia Umbra (PG) StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2016

I am a fan of nature, I visited all the best natural parks in the world. The Everglades make you fall in love with their peculiarities, their strength and fragility and the same time. Is a unique ecosystem, an immense natural heritage to be protected, that we absolutely must take care of. To lose it would be the defeat of the humanity.


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