Excursion to Key Biscayn


Excursion to Key Biscayne inside of the protected area of Bill Healthy Baggs Cape Florida State Park, a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, where to enjoy numerous entertainments, to play sport and to visit the lighthouse, the most ancient construction.

If there is an aspect of the United States that will never stop to be strange and give emotions it is its extraordinary variety. In a few minutes, you can pass from the futuristic skyscrapers to the nearly completely intact tropical paradise: it is the magic of Florida, in Miami, where in a few minutes of travel, you can reach the island of Key Biscayne.
Lovers of adventure and emotions can decide to reach the city with the same name and the uncontaminated nature around it, renting a boat - a sail boat is preferable for an even wilder experience - or passing by the modern bridge that connects Miami itself with the island city: 20 minutes are enough to reach it, and the scene you see is breathtaking. Key Biscayne is so far from the frenetic life of Miami, from the shining world of the night: it incarnates the perfection of absolute ideal relax, of peace and tranquility that you could expect from a Caribbean atoll. Isn't it fantastic?
If you look at it from the white beaches, on the light blue sea of Key Biscayne, Miami rises up on the horizon, appearing a far and out of reach place, without that bridge.
The island is not so big, it just has 10,000 inhabitants, many of whom are illustrious characters of the show business that have chosen to buy a fantastic house on the sea, immersed in the vegetation, to find some peace and relax, a few steps from the social life of South Beach and Downtown Miami. If the entire Key Biscayne is a paradise - as the signal at the end of the bridge says- before getting on the island, its southern part undoubtedly is even more paradisiacal.
The entire territory is protected, but in the south of Key Biscayne, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park rises up.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, a rare beauty The Park is one of the two ones on the island, and it is approximately 160 hectares. Inside of it, there is one of the most loved sandy shore of Florida, that shines under the sunlight, thanks to the particularly white sand.
The entire park can comfortably and safely be run by bike, because there are courses inhibited to the circulation of motor means. The bicycle surely is the best mean to discover Key Biscayne and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park: the paths are surrounded by the rich tropical vegetation that offers pleasant fresh corners, also in the warmest days, and admiring the incredibly blue sea that suddenly appears after the curves is fantastic, surrounded by the trees of the park. However, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is famous not only for the presence of this beach, attended on every month of the year: the true protagonist of the scene is its lighthouse, also called El Farito by the inhabitants of the place.
Built in 1825, it is the most ancient structure of southern Florida, and for this reason, it is under a careful protection. The imposing lighthouse stands on the beach with its considerable height of 29 metres: the white colour of its structure is nearly blinding, but thanks to this chromatic choice, it is perfectly integrated with the atmosphere hosting it. It's the subject of numerous pictures of the tourists, and a comforting presence for the inhabitants.
From 8am until the sunset, moreover, it is open and it can be visited: from its top, you can enjoy an incredible panorama on all the Gulf of Biscayne and on Miami, and if you have the fortune to go there in the last moments of light, it allows you to enjoy the fantastic colours the sunset gives to these latitudes.

The experiences you can't miss at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
The excursions by bike, the long hours of relax and the lighthouse visit are fundamental experiences during your stay in Key Biscayne, even if there are many other reasons to visit this corner of paradise.
The waters around the island are actually ideal play some sports such as the kayak, and the stand up puddle, with the support of experts available on the island. To visit Key Biscayne from an alternative point of view gives strongest emotions that you will bring back home.

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Luca and Martina - SavonaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

Key Biscayne was the destination of our honeymoon. Probably we could not choose a better place to spend the first 20 days of marriage: we relaxed ourselves as ever, the restaurants on the sea became our second house. Sometimes we had a trip in Miami, to feel the vibrating atmosphere of a great American city on the skin, but then we returned in our sweet shelter on the beach, where we conceived our first son.

George - MilanStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2017

I don't think I have ever visited a place more extraordinary and fascinating than Key Biscayne. It's a charming island that seems just 20 minutes far from one of the liveliest cities of the United States. When you get onto the bridge that joins South Beach to Key Biscayne it is like giving the back to the civilization, in order to dip yourself in a land paradise, where the man does not have any power. I have beautiful memories of the aperitifs at the sunset on the Bay of Biscayne, and of the incredible sea fruits eaten on the beach. If I had to choose a place where to come back, Key Biscane would be the destination.

Mara - PalermoStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2017

I grew up with the myth of Miami, and when my parents gave me the ticket to go there, I couldn't wait for it. I have always imagined this city like a carousel of lights, colours and sounds, from the morning till the evening, but I could have never imagined that just 20 minutes from the heart of South Beach movida, there could be a similar paradise. I still remember the first time got in front of El Farito, it was nearly the sunset and Miami sparked beyond the bay. I would have liked to be able to stop the time in that moment, to enjoy so much beauty.

Victoria - NaplesStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
october 2016

Key Biscane is the place of my heart. When I decided to make an adventurous travel in Florida, I believed I would have stopped myself for a long time in Miami, where I just spent 3 days. I spent the other 7 in Key Biscayne: I found myself again, during the walks by bike, in the park, at the sunset in front of the bay, sipping soft drinks in a chiringuito, with the people of the area, as if we were friends from all the life.


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