Experience the liveliness of Calle Ocho Festival!


There are stages with Latin music live, traditional Cuban and Caribbean dance shows comma food stands and colourful floats entertaining Little Havana District.

The Calle Ocho Festival - also famous as the Festival della Calle Ocho - is what in English they define extravagant: it is a festival taking place on one whole day, finishing with the Miami Carnival. The Calle Ocho Festival takes place every year, on March, along the street of Little Havana, in Miami, Florida.
The 8th and 27th Avenues are the protagonists of the festival. There are 28 blocks - the famous American blocks you heard about - that every year host food stands, Caribbean alcoholic and an alcoholic drinks, together with 30 different types of live entertainment.
All the stages of the district host different music styles, the only one obligation is that they invite people to dance. Salsa, merengue, bachata, cha cha cha and the 50 most famous pop songs of the world: they accept any kind of music during the festival, where amusement is mandatory. If you visited it at least once, you know it: there are many occasions to dance along the streets.

What to eat during the Calle Ocho Festival
As any other festival, one of the principal attractions is food. The Latin cultures are not famous for their cuisine, but for their amusement, anyway there are a lot of food surprises. The Cuban - inventors of the Calle Ocho tradition, love pork. There are many stands where you can taste pork ribs and mojo, the typical Cuban sauce. Rice and beans, served with roasted pork.
Many stands offer the possibility of tasting food for free. There are the most famous South American foods, especially the ones you can easily eat at the open air: arepas - flatbread from Venezuela -, chorizos - spicy sausages family also in Spain - , ropa vieja - made of meat and plane -, tacos and tamales - corn dishes from Mexico and sea fruits as they used to eat them in Perù.

After so much food you will surely get thirsty! No problem! You will find kiosks just to buy café con leche - a sort of coffee with sugar and milk, one of the most common drinks in Miami. If you prefer alcoholic drinks, here you are Cuba Libre, a drink made of Coke and rum mixed with lime juice. The lime is the protagonist of another national Cuban drink, made all over the world. You find the original Cuban mojito, a delicious cocktail made of white rum, lime, mint and sugar.
You will not be able to resist the works of art all around the festival among traditional dances and dance rich in food.

Calle Ocho Festival: historical background historical background
It was created in 1978, to be the symbol of freedom of the Cuban immigrants of Miami, that moved to Miami, creating a big community. The city is actually very close to Cuba - less than 100 kilometres - and the connection between them is stronger then you could expect, according to the commercial embargo.
As the presence of "Latinos" gained importance among the United States people, the importance of the festival increased too, as well as every year there are representatives of all the countries of America Latina.
The festival has taken place every year since its beginning, except for 1996, when it was cancelled after the death of four pilots, by Cuban planes on the 24th February of the same year, just a few days before the festival.
During the years, the Calle Ocho Festival increased its importance, has to be one of the most important events in Miami, attracting more than 1 million visitors every year. An occasion to find the best of the American culture, during a festival that wins on any other event thanks to the strength of the Latin colours.

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Valentina - Macerata StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2018

I love the Latin culture, but my husband wanted to go along the east coast of the United States. Fortunately, we visited Miami during the festival... and we both got very happy!

Giulia - PadovaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
december 2017

A friend of mine lives in Miami, and I went to hers. I chose the beginning of March because I expected to be a quiet period. As well as I enjoyed the city without the chaos of tourists, I have to say Calle Ocho has been a much unexpected surprise. A day of fervour, coloured by Caribbean textures, amusing adults and children. The typical Latin dances are great.

Marco - Milan StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2017

I love salsa and I have often visited Cuba, where I left my heart and where I asked to my current wife to marry me. We we're looking for a place good for all of us - my wife, our 8-years daughter and I -, that's the reason why we chose Miami. We visiting the Everglades, until Key West, but the surprise of our holiday has been Calle Ocho, a festival that made us thinking about the happy days we spend in Cuba.

Enrico - Frosinone StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
september 2016

I love Florida, where I used to go with my friends. If Miami offers a million of opportunities all over the year, you anyway can't miss this day to enjoy yourself as only Cuban people can do. You must see it!


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