Miami Children’s Museum


Play the game of jobs at the Miami Children' s Museum: show men, bankers, firemen, conductors and so on.

The Miami Children's Museum seems an enormous park where to play, rather than a museum. Inside of it, numerous areas are dedicated to children, where they can do any type of activity usually done by adults.
It is like a small city, where children can learn amusing themselves, training themselves to be the citizens of the future.

Miami Children's Museum, a miniature city
As in all the other cities, in the Miami Children's Museum there is a bank. Inside the credit institution for the children, the adults can show them how to sign a check, and the little ones can pretend to be cashiers, delivering money.
As in any other city, there is also the hospital, where the children can discover which foods are good for the health, pretend to be doctors using the most interesting medical instruments, and visiting their patients.

The construction site will see them interpreting the role of the labourers: sponge bricks, to build and demolish buildings. Children can use the crane and the bulldozer exploring the various stations of the site, that seems so real.
In addition to playing the role of TV showmen, giving news in a television study, they will be also able to pretend to be policemen or firemen, wearing the uniform, or pretending to drive the loved firemen red truck, to fight a fire and to slip down the pole.
The boldest ones can make affairs in a miniature Bank of America, to do shopping at the Publix - a chain of supermarkets of Miami - where to choose the dinner, milk a cow, collect the oranges and replace the products on the shelves.
The most adventurous ones will board on the Carnival, a cruise ship docked in a completely reconstructed Brazilian port; they will drive the boats, load the goods on the cargo and unload them on the dock, skilfully maneuvering a pulley. The Carnival Upper Deck will stimulate them with interactive elements: a realistic model of monitor station and a table of Lego are where the children can build a ship of bricks to imitate a true model of ship. In addition, there is a puppets theatre to make them learn amusing things about the life in sea.
They will discover areas where to take care of the pets, pretending to be veterinaries and watch them by X-rays.

The Miami Children's Museum, the imagination power
Although it is very similar to reality, it requires a lot of imagination and creativity, well accepted by the children.
At the entrance of the museum, for example, the first attraction you meet is the Dreams Castle. It is a sand construction on two floors, to start the adventure. The castle is made of luminous sand and pieces of colorful glass that create an evocative atmosphere by light games. The little visitors go up the second floor by a scroll scale, and find an amusing sonorous atmosphere, like a small discotheque.

Immediately after, they meet "The sea and Me”. It is a very popular attraction, because it simulates a small lake where you can fished. There are fishing rods to fish magnetic fishes. The Sketch Aquarium, an enormous aquarium with a touch screen through which the children can interact, creating a fish that gets animated and digitized, in the rich submarine atmosphere.
It is a game that stimulates curiosity and the imagination.
One of the most interesting sections surely is the World Music Study: the rock stars can sing some songs playing an instrument there, listen to any type of music by headphones, record their song in a true recording studio, and they will be able to sing on the Magic Singing Stairs. When you go up, the stairs light up and emit a famous note. In the Art Gallery, they can test their artistic skills, to make a collage with glue and multicoloured paper, stir and bind magnetic cards, design and paint.

To conclude, the Teddy Bear Gallery teaches the children the culture of the diversity and the reception. It actually exhibits little bears coming from all over the world.
The Miami Children's Museum offers the children a wide show of inputs and emotions. It is a place from where children will go out amused but also a little bit more adults.

How to get to the Miami Children's Museum and entrance timetables Miami Children's Museum is situated near the MacArthur Causeway, near to the Jungle Island, on the east of the centre of Miami.
Open everyday from 10:00am to 6:00pm except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. On Christmas' Eve and New Year's Eve, the Museum closes at 4:00pm, and on the 1st January it opens at 12:00pm.

The ticket costs 15 dollars.

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Giovanni - MilanStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
december 2017

We have been very happy! The museum is rich in different sections and there are a lot of things to see and to try. The children have learned how to washi the teeth, to buy healthier products at the supermarket, and also to spend money in the right way, amusing themselves. My sons loved the Health & Wellness Center, where they amused themselves with the long and the high jump; they obviously have pretended to to try all the the stations: the obstacles course, the station Gear Up, where they have tried all the types of equipment used by the professional football players. We will go back there because it is amusing and educational.

Lucia - FlorenceStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
june 2017

We have spent a morning at the Miami Children's Museum, with our 6 and 5 years-old sons, and we got touched by the side of the place and the wide variety of activities it proposes to the children: from the cruise to the firemen trucks; from the supermarket to the animals hospital. It could seem superfluous, but we appreciated the parking is just beside the building; one dollar per hour, to park the car is a honest price.

Dino - BariStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
april 2017

The Miami Children's Museum is a great educational adventure for children. There is a remarkable variety of areas where they can learn many things: scrambling up on a cliff wall, painting, composing a puzzle, and singing. The most interesting section is the art exhibition. There are also classes where various jobs can be played. We decided to participate to the one where you build dinosaurs. A member of the staff walks around the tables to help the children.

Andrea - BergamoStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2016

The Miami Children's Museum is perfect, there are also areas dedicated to the children under two years. It seems a miniature city, because there are many of the places symbol of Miami, like the port with the giant ship from Carnival, the sand castle and the Publix supermarkets. My children obviously went crazy for the exhibition of the dinosaurs. It surely is the perfect place for children, but for adults too, in my opinion, because watching the children enjoy themselves is amusing itself.


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