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The friendliest and craziest clubs in Florida for an unforgettable night!

Miami is famous not only for its wonderful beaches, but also for its rich and lively night life, not only during the weekends, but every day.
There are many clubs and discotheques offering amusement for all the night. As there are a lot of clubs dedicated to shows and music, you just have to choose the one you prefer, so it is better to have some suggestions to know what to do.
The clubs are very different, so they accommodate everybody.
For this reason, there are various opportunities. Night life used to take place only in the night clubs, discos and theme clubs, until some years ago. Today, the city offers a huge variety of proposals, such as concerts, theatre exhibitions and softer entertainment.

Night life in Miami
Miami has become famous all over the world, during the last years. It is a real competitor for Las Vegas, thanks to its rich nightlife offer. Miami attracts a varied audience, including people that like to relax themselves on the sandy beaches in front of the ocean, sipping a tasty cocktail, and night life lovers. In Miami and especially in Miami Beach, there are many clubs.
Any kind of events take place every day, but the most expected moment obviously is the weekend - especially Fridays and Saturdays - when everybody crowds the club for not-stop parties. The nightlife in this city, around bars, clubs, and discotheques all over the city has no stop.

Where to go? The best areas to find nightlife in Miami are near South Beach, the most northern part of the city. The best clubs are situated in its streets. Among the most famous ones:
- Ocean Drive, on the seafront;
- Lincoln Road;
- Washington Avenue.

In South Beach, there are the best discotheques of Miami, like the Liv, the Story, and the Icon. Another good club with a great reputation is the Nikki Beach, famous world-wide. Another district is Coconut Grove, rich in university students.
The most famous area in Miami according to nightlife is Downtown, the heart of the city where the majority of clubs are situated, such as the famous discotheque Space.
The Ocean Drive is the site of some famous clubs, such as the Mango Tropical, where you can spend your time wasting excellent cocktails, listening to live or Latin American music for all the night. The Nikki Beach is another meeting point for nightlife lovers - in Ocean Drive - where you can find even famous people.
In Downtown Miami, you discover the Space Club, the famous club - in the past it was a store - where famous DJs and electronic music attract many people. The tourist looking for a harder night can go to the Set, in Miami Beach, where to spend a great time surrounded by dancers and phosphorescent lights. In the Wall, you can find the warm atmosphere of Brazil, tasting tequila.

What to know
Every club has its own peculiarities. So it has a specific type of music and audience. The Set, for example, is appreciated by European people, because it is similar to their discotheques.
The Mynt, on the contrary, is a place where famous people meet, so the fans go there to see their myths. The majority of the discotheques and nightclubs offer famous Djs, or live music.
Entrance and drinks have variable prices, according to the event, the club and the type of audience. In some cases, entrance is free; however in some clubs the tickets can cost about $50 or $80.
In this case, it is better to buy the ticket online, in order to save time. The majority of clubs require a dress code.
Trainers are not allowed, as well as shorts and jeans. Shirts and trousers are required - elegant, if possible.
Women have to choose an elegant or flashy outfit and high heels. If you don't respect these directions, you risk to not be admitted. You have to know there are also less rigid clubs, concerning the women outfit, but men - especially if they are without a woman - are more under control. The opening of the discotheques and night clubs usually takes place at midnight, till the day after.

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Hans - BerlinStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2018

As good beer lover, I couldn't miss the Democratic Republic of Beer. In this fantastic club, they serve more than 600 of different types of beer, from all over the world. It is situated on the First Avenue, surrounded by the funny bars of Coconut Grove.

Jack - LondonStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
september 2017

I spent a very amusing night in the Space Club. It is a very peculiar club in the centre of Downtown, for dance music lovers.

Chiara - ItalyStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
june 2016

A great night at the Liv. A lot of attention to the dress code: the club is actually situated in the Hotel Fointainebleau. Great music and DJs. Not to be missed!

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