The Funkshion Fashion Week


The Funkshion Fashion Week is the most exclusive event of the year in Miami: parades of high fashion, and the most famous djs met in creative and amusing atmospheres.

Miami, solar and festive city, has become synonymous of high fashion thanks to the numerous events during the year, attracting designers and people from all over the world. In addition to the most famous Fashion Week, you can take part to an exceptional event - that takes place three times a year for four days - in Miami Beach, the Funkshion Fashion Week.
It is one of the most exclusive events of Florida, and every time, it attracts thousands of fans and simple onlookers.
The watchwords are creativity, innovation and amusement, and everything takes place in the evocative frame of a modern and at the same time tropical atmosphere.

What is the Funkshion Fashion Week
The Funkshion Fashion Week is a precious occasion for emergent artists and famous designers: it represents the springboard for becoming famous in the wonderful universe of fashion; for famous designers it is a real confirmation of sure talent, reputation and advertisement for their brand.
The exhibitions attract thousands of people during the year. All the events are free and you just have to sign in on the dedicated website to participate. The Funkshion Fashion Week takes place on October, March and July.

The program of the manifestation
During the parades - on four days -, fashion houses have the possibility to exhibit themselves world-wide, and to show their items and the accessories of the secondary collections. Consequently, these clothes and objects of design get sold for more approachable prices, compared to more visible collections, and they are immediately available for the purchase. Just for this reason, high fashion lovers never miss the Funkshion Fashion Week.
They not only discover the last look trends, but they can cheaply buy dresses and accessories of famous brands and excellent quality. At the same time, the parades of the Funkshion Fashion Week are an unmissable opportunity for not famous yet designers to find more visibility, by the public and the high level ateliers. The creations of designers are introduced one next to the other, mixing famous and emergent artists. Consequently, emergent designers can attract attention, participating to this creative atmosphere, and showing the fruit of their skills.
These appointments become an opportunity to reveal a talent often unnoticed, above all in the course of the most important moments dedicated to fashion, where the great fashion houses attract the most of the attention.
This is what happens especially during the Emerging Designer Series that ends giving the winner of the competition the possibility to participate to the parades of the Miami Swim Fashion and the New York Fashion Week - other event of remarkable importance in the field ofthe high fashion.

The importance of the Funkshion Fashion Week
It is the occasion waited for a long time by emergent artists of fashion to finally be able to attract attention world-wide, and to say "this is my creation" and see their own name on the press, together with the brands known in the world of the high fashion.
Many emergent designers have been able to reach their reputation participating to this manifestation. You don't have to be astonished that the event takes place in the State of Florida. Miami actually is an international metropolis, characterized by a strongly attention to the last trends of fashion and where to astonish and to adopt an original look is mandatory.
At the same time, this city and its culture are the fruit of integration and of the mix of several groups and lifestyles. Consequently, it is always available to innovation and experimentation. It is a real fortune for the creativity and a great opportunity to prod imagination, without cut, colours, couplings and decoration of the outfits’ limits.

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Anna - Verona StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2018

The climate of Florida is wonderful: I spent wonderful days on the beach. Miami is a metropolis able to receive and satisfy the expectations, concerning lodges, restaurants, amusement by day and by night. The Funkshion Fashion Week of Miami Beach it unique, as it joins fashion and music, giving life to remarkable artistic performances. Every event is accompanied by songs played by the several chosen DJs, chosen by the designers who participate to the electrifying event.

Kim - Singapore StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
august 2017

Miami is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city, where the most disparate cultures join and get melted. The Funkshion Fashion Week becomes also an occasion to celebrate the origins of the metropolis and its culture, too, expressing itself by music, high fashion and creativity. The Funkshion Fashion Week is FUNKY, that is original, eccentric and extraordinary, but it is creative, interesting, authentic and wrapping, at the same time. It melts marketing and communication, in a spectacular artistic way. The result is a sensory stimulation that involves eyes, ears, tact and even the smell, so much to make you feel unique feelings.

James - Edinburgh StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2016

Music and amusement have a fundamental role, in Miami. As a fashion lover, during the Funkshion Fashion Week I delighted my eyes and my ears enjoying the show and the choreographies of this singular event. The mix of music and fashion satisfies any kind of spectators, that is the ones preferring the parades or the ones are attracted by high level music, the soundtracks of the manifestations. Usually, the songs remind the origins of the designers and so it is possible to listen to musical pieces of Latin America or Europe.

Antoine - Marseilles StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2016

The Funkshion Fashion Week is a unique manifestation, and Miami is the perfect site for it: sun, beautiful days, parades of high fashion, music of optimal level, occasions to meet famous celebrities and to photograph them. Well, a unique occasion of being able to say I WAS THERE. As a worker in the field, I found my magic moment; my creations have been admired and I found visibility on the scene. I have been able to enjoy unforgettable moments and Miami will remain in my memory for ever. Friends, don't miss to the next edition of the Funkshion Fashion Week.

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