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The famous Ocean Drive of Miami becomes a pedestrian area: the Weekend Art Déco festival, on January

Ocean Drive is the road along the seaside of South Beach, the most attended beach of Miami, famous for the atmosphere it has more than for the white sand and the wonderful blue sea. The road, decorated by palm trees, faces on the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and offers many clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants on the other side.
It is animated for all the day, until the night, when the clubs open serving live music; one of the most famous discotheques that is situated in the south of Ocean Drive is the Nikki Beach Club. There are many hotels and restaurants in Ocean Drive, serving good food together with Italian food, so loved in America.
On the other side of the street, there are people skating, riding bikes or sunbathing on the beach. But this area hasn't always been like this, especially in the years between 1970 and 1980, when criminals used to live there. Just a few time later, it became what it actually is, a place rich in amusement, as we saw in many films, in which the beach and the Ocean Drive of Miami have always been the background.

Art Déco buildings along the Ocean Drive
The Ocean Drive has also an artistic side. It is famous also for the numerous buildings inspired to Art Déco, that artistic expression rich in colours and shapes, coming from the province art tendencies that characterized art in Europe during the two world wars, resisting in America until the 40s.
There are approximately 1000 or more building on the Ocean Drive, featured by their pastel facades, lighted by neon lights, typical Art Déco elements. This area is actually considered one of the most representative ones.
In order to discover and to admire this architectonic and artistic expression weight we suggest you to discover the tour by feet. You can book it at the Miami Design Preservation League's - it is the organization that saves, promotes and protects the artistic and cultural heritage of Miami Beach and the areas around it. Weekend Art Déco
There is a feminist manifestation celebrating the Art Déco and its historical period: it is the Weekend Art Déco, taking place every year on January by the Miami Design Preservation League. The manifestation was born to attract attention on this place and its buildings, protecting them from the time.
The Ocean Drive becomes a big pedestrian area, for three days: there are many stands rich in objects and vintage gadgets, typical of the age the Art Déco developed, during the 20th, 30s, 40s of the 20th century. Crowds of tourists, onlookers and collectors from all over the world look for the perfect object to complete their collection.
On the stands, you can find ancient car plaque, magazines or comics and vinyls of the most famous groups of the 30s and 40s. You can easily meet street artists, entertaining the crowd together with the drag queens.
But the Art Déco weekend is not only this, it is also musical and theatre live shows free or to pay. They offer jazz or swing music; you can dance the Charleston or attend conferences about the Art Déco, by the most important cultural and educational institutions of Miami. There are also parades of ancient cars, fashion, and educational activities for children. Some places where you can find these events are: the Centro di accoglienza Art Déco and the Lummus Park - the latter is one of the most popular destination of Miami.

It is a very original atmosphere the one you can feel in Miami during this period, it seems to go back in the past, through the culture and the places that characterized the Art Déco age; you can listen to the music, dance and admire some design and ancient objects on the stands.

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Marco - CatanzaroStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2018

I visited the last edition of the Weekend Art Déco, and it was an unforgettable experience. The famous Ocean Drive was an enormous entire pedestrian public square, full of people. I love Jazz, I saw many theme shows and I enjoyed myself looking for many stands selling rare vintage objects, and some collection vinyls.

Catia - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2018

I visited Miami last summer and I found a wonderful beach with the wonderful colours of the sea. A place you can't miss. Ocean Drive is the main street and the most bustling street of Miami Beach, from 9 a.m. until late at night. It is full of places where you can eat at any time.

Chiara - VeniceStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
august 2017

Ocean Drive is the most charming street of Miami Beach, in my opinion, with palm trees and the beach on one side, and a sequence of hotels and places open all the day long, where you can meet people tasting any kind of dishes, even Italian food, on the other side. In the evening, the atmosphere changes, by lights, colours and music.

Chiara - VeniceStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
december 2016

Who does not know the extraordinary Ocean Drive? The famous road that divides beaches of the finest white sand with many clubs and restaurants. At any time, it is rich in tourists and citizens. Many luxury cars pass there. You absolutely have to see how the Ocean Drive changes for the Art Déco Weekend. Street shows, live music every year, on January! After the first holiday in Miami, I came back there to take part to this extraordinary event again.

Carlo - LuccaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2016

Walking along the Ocean Drive, during the Weekend Art Déco is very amusing: there are a lot of stands where you can find rare original objects of that time, vintage gadgets, old discs, comics and even ancient newspapers. The drag queens are very fascinating and amusing, you suddenly meet them around the stands. You can't miss them! I think I will go back there next year!

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