Wynwood Art District


The Wynwood Art District is an “Open Air Museum”, rich in art works and prestigious galleries of emergent artists.

The other side of Miami: Wynwood Art District In Miami, there are skyscrapers, luxurious stores with shining display windows as well as the great cities of the fashion. Thinking about Miami just for its frivolous and attracting side, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, unable to wait for visiting the bright city of Florida, would be an underestimation. There is a part of Miami that still a few people know and that is, instead, perhaps the most authentic and sincere one, representing the multiculturalism of its society.
Miami, however, is often considered a frontier city, if not geographically surely culturally: it is strongly influenced by the proximity with Cuba and with some countries of Central America; this fact contributed to enrich the already prolific artistic production in an exponential way. Miami is not just South Beach, Key Biscayne or Miami Beach. In Miami you can't miss the Wynwood Art District, an extraordinary quarter. It's like an enormous museum at the open air, where the modern and contemporary art are told in a natural and completely spontaneous way, without common syntactic and logical constructions all the museums of the world have.
It is the district of the art in Miami, where some of the most known contemporary artists found their home and inspiration, and where art lovers find the emergent artists for the market.
Wynwood Art District is the example of how a quarter in past - until not many years ago - had a reputation not so positive, can be redeveloped from its fates, taking advantage of the extraordinary force of the art.

The beauty of Wynwood Art District
As soon as you cross the borders of the Wynwood Art District, you immediately get in a strange atmosphere, original, than has nothing in common with the other face of Miami. The Wynwood Art District is often called El Barrìo or Little San Juan, because it was lived mostly from people by Puerto Rico, until a few years ago. Some warehouses and factories were concentrated there, and it wasn't one of the most recommendable areas in Miami: this situation lasted until the half of 2000s, approximately 10 years ago, when this district got a new life, and the main supporter of this transformation is Tony Goldman.
He is an estate developer, owner of a wide portion of the quarter, who decided to leave free space to the artists, in order to let them realize their works, on the facades of its buildings. Those cold and empty highest facades without windows have quickly been transformed by sprays and colours by the artists, creating what today it is known like Wynwood Walls.
So an intense operation started there, involving the entire district, recalling tens of street artists from all over the world; they transformed the Wynwood in the greatest museum of street art of the world. In addition to the enormous murals - real works of art - there are galleries of modern art.
They are more than 70, and they are destination of art lovers from every corner of the planet, to find also stores, fashionable bar and restaurants, in the Wynwood Art District. In a few years, the district has actually become one of the coolest places in Florida, where the new tendencies take origin and develop themselves.
The POP-up shops are very interesting, temporary stores that take place for just a short time, offering any type of product. Resuming also the tradition of the place in the textile industry, many emergent and young designers chose to live there, opening their ateliers among the frescoed walls, giving another push to the Wynwood Art District.

Diving in the colors and the tradition
Although the quarter has changed its face in a few time, it is not however difficult to find its Puerto Rican origins again.
In the Wynwood Art District, restaurants are so many, continuing the Hispanic food tradition, offering great dishes among works of art. The Wynwood Art District is the emblem of dynamism: it is a district in continuous evolution, never equal to itself, giving the impression of being able to suddenly change its look.
However, the Wynwood Art District is the native land of the design and of those who chose to live and operate there - the artists - and as the cities assume the face of their citizens, it is easy to understand how Wynwood could never be a banal quarter.

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Michela - MilanStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2018

The Wynwood Art District is one of my favourite places in Miami, although I am not a fan of art. However, walking along its roads so coloured, meeting young artists and designer working there, and realizing extraordinary works, made me really understand you always have to go over the appearances, because you can never know what is hidden behind the prejudices.

Kathrin - BariStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

I left from Italy to spend the majority of time just in the Wynwood Art District, and so I did. Usually, when I fall in love with a destination by photos or stories of who visited it before me, once I have personally visited it, I feel a great sense of disappointment, because it disregards my expectations. The Wynwood Art District had exactly the opposite effect, because it kidnapped me, more than how I could expect. I spent hours getting lost around its roads, admiring the murals, and visiting galleries and ateliers, and every time I got richer. How can't you love a place like this?

Ramona - LodiStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
october 2017

I visited the Wynwood Art District while I was attending a master course in Miami, and literally fell in love with this district. Although my hotel was in Miami Beach, not just nearest the Wynwood Art District, as soon as I had a day off, I used to go around the murals and shops. You really breathe the air of change there, thinking it was a degraded area and now the trendiest district in Miami is really thrilling.

Edoardo - FlorenceStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
may 2017

I got dragged there by my friends: I thought I was going to Miami for a vacation of sun, relax and beautiful women, but I found myself involved in the passion of contemporary art. The extemporaneous events touched me, without any notice, crowding the clubs of young and smart people.


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